Is the name we have given to our family company. It was founded in 1975 thanks to the immense creativity and tenacity of its owners. These qualities together with a deep passion for the culinary arts, led us to develop each one of the three hundred recipes that we currently prepare for our customers.

Our goal to sweeten palates and to offer delicious practical solutions to homemakers, has allowed us to progressively diversify our product line. Today, with 40 years of experience in the elaboration of homemade products, we have factories providing the following.

Our bakery, found in the heart of the “Cajón del Maipo” (mountain valley located 60 kilometers from Santiago) on the farm “Fundo El Ingenio”, also has extensive organic fruit orchards. This allows us to assure the quality of the fruit that we use in the elaboration of all our products, using perfectly ripe fruit, completely free of chemical products.

We are proud to offer high quality and unique products to the approximate 16,000 customers that visit us monthly, since we value the use of completely homemade natural recipes, and therefore, do not use artificial flavors, colorings, or commercial mixes. On the contrary, we make sure to include only natural ingredients in all of our recipes, which add nutritional value to the product, such as: pumpkin, carrots, walnuts, almonds, among others.

"Productos El Ingenio” arises from nature and its fruits, and we take great pleasure in celebrating and sharing the flavor of life. Our story is a sweet one, and we are proud to have our products on the table of thousands of families.

Manquehue Sur 1431 (Head Office) - P: 22211 3050 / Principe de Gales 6958 / Bilbao 2797