Our marmalades and fruit purées were the products that marked the beginning of our fascinating company: Productos El Ingenio. In 1975, flavors and textures were brought to life from secret recipes kept in the family for generations, prepared slowly over the fire in deep copper pots.

Our marmalades capture the essence of nature and its fruits, and have brought back to life during generations the magic and delight of sharing the wonderful aromas and flavors of our land. These ancestral recipes are completely homemade and the ingredients are pure and natural, thus rescuing the immense value of natural products. The copper cops have been currently replaced by modern machines with a capacity of 500 kilos each, permitting us to ensure the cooking process and to produce over 2 tons daily. The original recipes have been practically unaltered; and the technology applied has not affected the quality of the product, by keeping away from certain key processes (fruit selection, pit or seed removal, cutting in halves, etc.), which defines our production as a semi-craft industry.

Recognized for their high quality, our preparations are characterized by their high fruit content (more than 40%, Premium Category), which is found in perfectly defined pieces, and for their special flavor, which, due to the delicate mixture of ingredients, satisfies the most demanding of palates.

We currently produce a total of 9 varieties of marmalades and 4 fruit purées, all made with specially selected fresh fruit (not frozen). With the mission of offering high quality natural products, our company has its own plantations of organically grown fruit (apricot, peach and apples), allowing us to control the fruit quality from its gestation until its optimal point of ripeness, thereby obtaining excellent results.

In the year 2003 , after 28 years of experience in the area of marmalade and fruit purée elaboration, we are starting a new stage aimed at introducing our product into the international market, a process which, after a year of market analysis and formulation of recipes created to satisfy the specific needs of certain countries, we are now prepared to start and continue adding on to the story of our company.

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